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InPagina has chosen EasyCatalog for its usability and ability to match the needs of graphic designers.
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Twixl digital Publisher
Turn your catalogs, books and manuals into a flipbook & a mobile app.
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Gestion de données
Database management and major languages (XML, PHP) trainings to improve your work environment.
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the first all-in-one design software, which allows you to generate 3D digital mock-ups on the fly.
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InPagina trainings are designed for business specialists who want to do more.

Choose your course in a catalog that covers all the important topics of data-publishing, from discovery to expert level.

As a DataDock certified training organization, we only teach best practices and have a rigorous selection process for our trainers.

Major brands in the world's major markets, as well as small and medium-sized companies, choose InPagina to develop their data-publishing capability in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Although we have a range of existing courses, we know from experience that programs work best when they are tailored to your needs.

Examples of customization include the introduction of case studies relevant to your sector, including examples from your business or the integration of your processes and methodologies into our best practice framework.

Our ultimate goal is to provide flexible and practical solutions that build the capabilities of your teams. The InPagina training catalog includes more than 25 courses on data-publishing and data management. You can combine these trainings with project implementations or partial outsourcing of your production.