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Workflow with Enfocus

From the graphic designer to the printer, every step of the digital printing process is controlled by software.

InPagina workflow solutions dismiss recurring tasks and increase efficiency, reduce errors and lower production costs. 
Workflow automation leads to greater work capacity, previously impossible delivery times, and increased profits.

But that's not all ! Workflows help you creating new media and customize impressions.
Enfocus Switch is modular in design, allowing you to purchase only the modules you need for your workflow.

6 reasons why you should automate your workflow

  1. Stay competitive
  2. Reduce errors
  3. Increase productivity
  4. Increase the frequency of publication
  5. Eliminate time-consuming steps
  6. Give your teams tools at the service of their talents

Enfocus Switch uses your existing applications, systems and servers in a new and intelligent way, in order to create a relevant workflow, adapted to your way of working.

Download the free Twixl Publisher demo plug-in, and enhance your publication from InDesign.

Free downlaod !Test Twixl Publisher now

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