Packagings 3D pour Decathlon

Packaging process for Decathlon

DECATHLON was created in 1976 from an original idea: to meet the needs of passionate sportsmen by offering them in one place a multitude of sports articles.

Present in 27 countries and with more than 919 stores worldwide with a turnover of 8.2 billion euros (61% of turnover is generated internationally).

DECATHLON offers sports products through its 20 Passion Brands (Quechua, Tribord, Domyos, Btwin, etc.) by mastering the entire product development chain: from R & D to sales, including design, production and supply chain in 17 languages.

The challenge

DECATHLON settles in INDIA and wishes to present at least 30% of its offer in the Indian stores. 7000 Packaging to recast:

Variations by country
Variations in 17 languages
Overall more than 20000 packagings
A handmade design
Permanent updates

Delayed production, Delayed marketing

The solution

  • Data connection packs
  • Production by templates
  • Automation of production and mass declination
  • Validation with 3D viewer

Les étapes


*Organize the data / create Pack templates / model 3D packaging/ Apply Packaging in 3D

What results

  • Automation of packaging production
  • No more packaging but template packaging
  • Security (no more production errors or mistakes)
  • Time saving (-150%)
  • Easy and fast updates
  • Product launch and fast and flexible marketing


  • Industrialize each step of the packaging design process.
  • Mechanize technical production.
  • Implement decision support.


Automated creation of records from packaging information with EasyCatalog.

Standardization of PDFs for printers:

PDF certification control and vectorizations (for Chinese printers)

Inpagina's Bonus

InPagina has put in place simple solutions, usable by everyone even with a low level of graphics, which fit together like a Lego chain.

Reduction of costs

+ more flexibility

A 100% internal competence

+ more autonomy

+ more security for texts (legal information, translations, ...)

+more easy to decline

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