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 About two months after the introduction of the beta, Twixl Publisher now offers the final release of Twixl Publisher 5.5. In this version, Twixl offers you to boost your publications with some nice news :

1. Better Content Download Management (Content Preloading, Offline Mode, Full Download for Offline Access)
2. Search for keyword content at the heart of your magazine or booth
3. Menu « Hamburger » with selection of links, collections, etc.
4. New user interface when creating navigation pages (grid and cell styles)

Preloading content

The reading experience focused on the collections has been updated. When you navigate to the first item in a collection, the following article will be preloaded in the background for faster access.

100% offline mode 

In Twixl Publisher 5.5, a new application setting allows you to offer the download of all content during the first installation by the user. This is the long-awaited function for salespeople who sometimes do not have an Internet connection while on the road. Whenever a user returns to the application and is online, an update will be made if there is new and / or updated content that needs to be downloaded.


Download a collection for an offline access

This feature allows readers to choose to download one or more collections for easy offline access. There is also an option to manage the content stored on the device and delete some content to free up space.


Search for content or keywords in a kiosk or publication

You can now easily find all the metadata for your application (content item name, title, tag line, and so on). You can quickly navigate from the search results to an associated article.

« Hamburger » menu

You can now add a quick access menu to the top right corner of your article-based kiosks. This menu is managed by a special collection called « Hamburger Menu ». It can be managed like other collections, with its own grid and cell styles, but is limited to the following types of content elements :

  • Placeholder
  • Collection link
  • Web link


New user interface for creating and managing navigation pages

Twixl now offers a more visual approach when editing grids and cell styles. Changes to your settings will immediately be reflected in the preview on the Twixl distribution platform administration interface.


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